Grants & Awards

2107 Downtown Danville, Inc. Grant Program

Downtown Danville, Inc. (DDI) is a certified not-for-profit that is dedicated to the enhancement and continued development of Downtown Danville. DDI serves the real estate property that is located in the City of Danville Special Service Area Number 1. The purpose of this Grant Program is to assist local for-profit property and business owners in expanding existing operations and assisting in new companies pursuing to move their business to Downtown Danville. This Grant Program is broken into two (2) categories, property owners and business owners. DDI believes that continued investment into the downtown properties and businesses is essential for the future of the downtown.

Eligible Grant Projects would include, but are not limited to, repair, replacement or rehabilitation of the property structure, both external and internal, mechanical, electrical and other utility upgrades, ADA upgrades, facade improvements, awnings*, signage, etc.

DDI reserves the right to award or deny any and all applications for grant funding. Grant awards and amounts will be dependent upon DDI’s financial capabilities, project eligibility, and DDI board’s discretion in relation to priority.

Property Owner Grants

1) Property owners will be eligible for grant funding for one (1) improvement project per year per individual property they own.

2) Property owners are required to provide a match of at least 50% of the total costs of the improvements.

3) Projects will be eligible for up to 50% grant funding (with a maximum grant award of $2,500)

Business Owner Grants

1) Business owners will be eligible for grant funding for one (1) improvement project per year.

2) Business owners are required to provide a match of at least 50% of the total costs of the improvements.

3) Projects will be eligible for up to 50% grant funding (with a maximum grant award of $1,000)

DDI will be awarding grants up to $2,500 each for the 2017 Grant cycles. The grant amounts will be determined based on available funding, board goals and priorities, and board discretion at time of application.

Improvements will be subject to approval of Downtown Danville Inc's Design Committee. Eligible Grant Projects for business owners can be in cooperation with the property owner or to assist in the opening a new business through a physical improvement. All grants will be reviewed by Downtown Danville, lnc.'s Board. The deadline to submit an application for grant opportunities will be the 1st of each month. Applications will be reviewed by Design Committee prior to the next board meeting. The Design Committee will develop recommendations to the Board and the Board will vote during that month’s next meeting. If approved, you will be notified the day after the board votes. Property/business owners will be required to pay for improvements up front and will receive grant funding in the form of a reimbursement check upon submittal of receipts for material, equipment, and labor related to the improvements.

Improvements must be completed within 6 months or the awarded funds will be rescinded and slated for reallocation to other projects. Improvements previously completed within the 2017 calendar year are eligible to apply for reimbursement through this grant program. Eligibility does not guarantee an award since funds are limited.


1 – Emergency

* Safety of life or property threatened; loss of utilities or business. Begin immediately.

2 – Urgent

* Repair work required for continued facility operation; should be completed to ensure continuous operation of the facility and to restore healthy environment. Not a life-threatening emergency.

3 – High Priority

* Permanent property improvements that don’t necessarily extend the longevity of the property but may increase the properties functionality or marketability.

4 – Medium Priority

* The facilities maintenance work can be scheduled routinely within the capability of the facilities maintenance organization. Facilities work is subject to availability of resources, and may be consolidated by facility or as directed to obtain efficiency of operation.

5 – Low Priority

* Work that is desired but not essential to protect, preserve, or restore facilities; typically, beautification projects or projects that relate more directly to business success rather than property value or a business’s ability to function.


Tier 1 – Roof replacements, structurally integral improvements, accessibility improvements to meet ADA regulations, critical utility improvements to meet current codes or prevent serious failures

Tier 2 – Upper level residential, parking, new business development improvements (more marketable space, any upgrades required to sign a new tenant (min. of 1 year lease)),

Tier 3 – Existing business investments (improving efficiency, marketability, accessibility to an existing business)

*Currently, awnings are eligible for up to 75% reimbursement due to anonymous donations. Amount of reimbursement for awnings will be subject to approval by DDI and the anonymous donor.